WSB Atlanta: FORT VALLEY STATE SEX INVESTIGATION: 7 charged in Fort Valley State University ‘pimping investigation’ | WSB-TV

She said she had a date and wanted me to come with her just incase some stupid shit happened. She said she was going to make $70. I said Ok let me ride and see what this shit is about. It’s raining and shit. We go all the way to Buford hwy some where. She hops out the car for about 20 minutes then comes back. I’m like you got the money. She says yeah. I’m like I’m gonna need all of that. She says I gotta pay my phone bill. So we just drove to the cell phone spot and she payed her bill. Regardless of her needing to pay her bill in Pimping. The Pimp takes care of everything. Depending on your level of Pimping and the type of hoe you got she aint supposed to have a phone. In this day and age its wise for her to have one.

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WSB Atlanta: FORT VALLEY STATE SEX INVESTIGATION: 7 charged in Fort Valley State University ‘pimping investigation’ | WSB-TV.

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