VICE: The Couples Using Magic Mushrooms as Relationship Therapy The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720 for $25.00

So its gonna have to be some sort of regiment and your first wife is only going to participate if she knows you have enough dick for the job. Especially if you don’t got the money and you can’t maintain a financial dominance in the relationship. The only other dominance you can have is psychological and/or sexual. Everybody is going to have to be on the same page. Especially with today’s new age Greece, in this form of relationship I would encourage 3 somes. It will instantly kill the jealousy or it will heighten the jealousy. The only thing that is going to determine their jealousy amongst each other is your strength in sexual restriction.

Your gonna have to let them request sex and at the same time pounce on them every once and a while. There will have to be a balance. Women who have the mentality of chase me down or I’m the pussy that runs this shit will not be able to function in this type of relationship. Women have a funny communication style amongst each other. You will have to get 2 women who really sync with each other and you. They should have their own bedrooms and bathrooms. Me being a Leo, I have a pack mentality. Leos are all or nothing people. That is definitely how a monogamous or polygamous relationship is going to have to work. Due to its tabooness, still with modern day society. 9 times out of 10 you’re going to have to cut off mom & dad and extended family members.

We must understand that women are designed with a negative thought pattern. The reason in being is to protect her children. This is encoded in her DNA. At all times she must be prepared to lose the primary protector, the male. He has to provide by putting himself in danger to gain what is needed for nourishment and shelter. The woman will assist in these areas, which leaves her educated on how to survive if something were to happen to him. This negative thought pattern in woman when acted upon and there is no physical evidence for her to act can destroy everything and everyone. It is this which draws men to call women evil. She is designed with this power from how she talks to how she cooks to how she looks. This poison is laced in all of her attributes the amount that is there is what matters. The same as man is designed to be a protector with a touch of tough love. The male must keep a positive optimistic outlook because he has to maintain success in whatever he attempts and achieve results. Women double and triple think a bunch of negative what ifs that force them out of being courageous. The funniest part is that there may be no evidence for them to think these what ifs, they just think them up. This is especially the case if raised by a single mother.

The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720

Site: for $25.00

The RAWDOG Edition 440 pgs 64 pix

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The Black Mans Bible Has Been VALUED AT $2,500.00 by Amazon

This is the first book of it’s kind. The Black Man’s Bible details a young black males struggles with the world, religions, drugs, crime, money and sex. Throughout his life he studies advanced scholarly material which changes his view of the world over and over again as he matures. He battles health issues after he goes through a traumatic experience with the delivery of his first child. So he delivered his second son at home. The video of the home delivery can be seen at In the book he details how he finds himself in history repeatedly in different times periods. He also gives vivid descriptions of his experiences with Love and Women. Then, after becoming an online Entrepreneur, he travels to Germany and China for free. He has struggles with finding a career and ends up becoming an Author. He covers many subjects that are not popular to the modern day world. He has compiled a multitude of experiences that are dissected through the abstract different types of black males. THIS IS THE BOOK OF THE CENTURY. THE TRUE GUIDE FOR BLACK MALES LOST IN THE WESTERN WORLD.

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VICE: The Couples Using Magic Mushrooms as Relationship Therapy.

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