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Then I had to get detailed on the Zombie scenario as the rest of the country was doing the same thing in an indirect comical fashion. The Center of Disease and Control put out Zombie awareness information and started selling Zombie preparation kits. Atlanta, GA has been dubbed the Zombie Capitol of The World due to the majority of Hollywood’s Zombie films were shot in this location. Not to mention a hardcore metaphysic as Atlanta being a major location of slavery. Other universities put on preparation information on Zombies. A T.V. show called The Walking Dead airs. It’s a sitcom based on the world being taken over by Zombies and how people are trying to survive and its filmed in Atlanta. There are Zombie police force units, which are real. There are bullets specifically designed for killing Zombies. It is a very serious scenario and I saw its fore coming when I lived in Atlanta. Now it was time for details.

People don’t study the human body nor have they studied history. So they do not know or cannot fathom how humans could metamorph into such a state. It is very plausible. The first thing to look at would be drugs and diseases that alter the mind and/or the body. The second thing would be the digestive system and prior eating habits that would allow a cannibal diet. How could the state of zombieism be achieved? Is it like the movies say? Do we have a situation where the right chemical concoction can reverse the brain to think in an extreme reptilian state? Does one have to die and come back to life or is it a direct morph? There are many questions that need to be answered about this.

I did a blogtalk on it with a DNA Doctor. I called him The DNA Scientist. We became friends after he found my videos online and bought some DVDs from me. When I saw his name it made me send him a film called Pirate DNA by Len Horowtiz. It was breaking down DNA manipulation projects the government had done. Besides that, We discussed the blood from meat consumption combining with the blood cells of humans. You see there was a disease that had struck the cows called MAD COW disease. The cows couldn’t walk because they were being fed calves that were shredded up, making them cannibals. They were being fed other dead cows since the 70’s and they’ve been vegetarians on a grass diet for thousands of years. You can’t cook all the blood out of meat when you eat it. So the retarded blood cells in beef, pig, tuna, shrimp, lobster, crab and other seafood will combine with the cells of the human body. This will have the human acting retarded overtime.

Shrimp is the same family genus as the cockroach. 1/3 of the millions of tons of shrimp that people eat in America is raised off of pig feces. Lobster and crab are also scavengers surviving off of carcasses and waste. They’re part of the arachnid family. They have been highly contaminated by the oil spill. Stay away from seafood as much as possible. The beef and the pig have been living in very bad farm conditions for who knows how long. Look at it like this, how much beef, pig, chicken and turkey are in your local city? This includes your local grocery stores, fast food restaurants, sit down restaurants, and concession stands that may be at amusement parks, public schools, skating/bowling rinks etc;. How much is being massed produce at what rate. How long is the shelf life before the food begins to rot and needs to be replaced? In the midst of all of this the head honchos are worried about maximizing profits. When companies are worried about maximizing profits. They must cut costs and undercut the competition. It is war between corporations and it is not to be taken lightly. In order for them to do so, they have to use science. This is where genetic manipulation comes in. Which brings the potential for any type of human/psyche metamorphing.

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