The Mon$ter Album by THE GOD 720

The Mon$ter Album by THE GOD 720


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Soundtrack to the book

The Black Mans Bible by THE GOD 720

  1. City of Sin
  2. Pro-Verbs
  3. Same Ole Shit
  4. What Else Could I Do
  5. Bounce Back
  6. Like to See
  7. Let a Bitch Nigga Know
  8. O.G. I Will
  9. Monster
  10. Racism
  11. All I Need In My Life
  12. Cinderellas Chance
  13. City Lights
  14. Goes Hard
  15. God Please
  16. Gung-Ho
  17. Hustle Til I Die
  18. The Introduction
  19. Its Class
  20. Immortal
  21. Memories
  22. Wanna Be Yo Lover
  23. Real Niggas Gone Ball
  24. I Got Things To Do
  25. Outro

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