The Ethereal Law by THE GOD 720 Is Now Available for $16.00

  • Neglect Trauma Encourages Selfishness, Greediness, Evasiveness and A Clinging Persona, also Very Charitable as an Indirect Form of Keeping a Person Around.
  • Abuse is Interwoven into The Human Experience.
  • All Humans Regardless of Financial Class or Cultural Background Will Feel, Respond to and Express a Wide Range of Emotions.
  • The Majority of Humans Will Neglect Intelligence because of The Responsibility It Enforces.
  • Intelligence, Experience, Fear or Love are The Only Elements that Enforce a Human to Act Civil.
  • In Essence, All Humans Act. As All Humans would rather Be an Animal.


The Ethereal Law by THE GOD 720

Is Now Available for $16.00

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The Ethereal Law is one of the only books of our time that explains the invisible elements that control human interaction. The Ethereal Law is the philosophy that identifies many things that are needed to be known in our modern day society because unknowingly we are effected by them. This book is a mixture of written and unwritten social laws that humans have operated by for over a millennia of time. The everyday hustle and bustle, inclusive with technology has made mankind forget these rules. These rules enforce common courtesy of one another with respect. This respect comes from understanding the extremes of reality, that is both life and death, love and hate in which is The Ethereal Law.

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