The Black Mans Bible – THE GOD 720

Next day, I was going to see China. We hopped on the train. We got served food while riding. I was looking out the window at the Chinese workers in the rice patties with the Rayden hats on from Mortal Kombat. They served us dinner on the train, it was like a 2-3 hour ride. It was a crazy feeling just being all the way out here, literally on the other side of the planet for free. We went through customs and everything was good. The air was cleaner, it had an underlining stench but it was nowhere near the smell of Hong Kong. We cut a couple of corners and as we were walking I started noticing that there were a lot of cripples with cups. I mean these cripples were fucked up, like paralyzed status and laying in the streets with their eyes faded out, jerking and twitching. What thee fuck.? I asked him what the fuck was going on with that shit. He told me that there’s a gang around there that loans money out to people. If you don’t pay on time or pay the full amount they will kidnap you and permanently cripple you in some way. Make you beg for money all day then come bring all that money back, in order to get some food and somewhere to sleep. I’m talking about these niggas would tear specific muscles out of your leg, cut your feet or hands off, take an organ or a rib out, maybe your eyes. I’m like damn I’ve heard of some gangs getting down but nothing like that would survive in America. The police would be on a niggers hide like peach fuzz.


The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720
@Amazon: for $25.00
The RAWDOG Edition 440 pgs 64 pix
Signed w/ The Mon$ter Sndtrck (2 Disc)


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The Black Mans Bible Has Been VALUED AT $2,500.00 by Amazon

This is the first book of it’s kind. The Black Man’s Bible details a young black males struggles with the world, religions, drugs, crime, money and sex. Throughout his life he studies advanced scholarly material which changes his view of the world over and over again as he matures. He battles health issues after he goes through a traumatic experience with the delivery of his first child. So he delivered his second son at home. The video of the home delivery can be seen at In the book he details how he finds himself in history repeatedly in different times periods. He also gives vivid descriptions of his experiences with Love and Women. Then, after becoming an online Entrepreneur, he travels to Germany and China for free. He has struggles with finding a career and ends up becoming an Author. He covers many subjects that are not popular to the modern day world. He has compiled a multitude of experiences that are dissected through the abstract different types of black males. THIS IS THE BOOK OF THE CENTURY. THE TRUE GUIDE FOR BLACK MALES LOST IN THE WESTERN WORLD.

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