Take Me To A Place – THE GOD 720 Las Vegas Shooting Dedication #2018 #route91 #lasvegasmassacre

I live in Las Vegas.  On October 1st, the weekend of the massacre I was out on the strip the Friday and Saturday Night before it occurred Sunday night. The massacre altered many things in Las Vegas.  The spirit of the city was down for quite sometime.  To be honest the tourism hasn’t been back up to par since. There are other minor events that have occurred before and after the massacre to assist in the blame.

The night it occurred, I was on my way to the Mandalay Bay Hotel area just to drive around in my convertible.  I got an alert on my phone saying there was a shooter in that area. So, I just turned around and went home. Nobody was prepared for this. Las Vegas is or was a relaxed environment. There’s a lot of security everywhere you go here.  Nonetheless, horror occurred.

Above is a song that I wrote dedicated to the families and those who died during the massacre.  It can be found on the album Negro Please by THE GOD 720 on all streaming services.

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