Sputnik International: Scientists SOLVE Mystery of Yellow Glass Found in Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s Tomb The Ethereal Law by THE GOD 720

  • Taint Only Occurs by Physical Touch not Verbal or any Other Form.
  • A Thing Being Defiled by Touch is Synonymous with A Thing Being Cursed by Words.
  • Humans Conclude Eachother to be Tainted Usually From Sexual Union with Someone of Ill Repute. An Extreme Embarrassment can Also Cause Taint.
  • Humans Will Respond to Taint as if The Person or Object has some Form of Contagious Disease.
  • True Love Trumps Taint.
  • If a Dog Enters a Home Known for a lot of Murders and Other Criminal or Paranormal Activity. The House is Tainted and This also Makes The Dog Now Tainted because of His Entering into The Zone.
  • To Avoid Taint is to be Petty, in Today’s Understanding.
  • The Science of What is Taint and What isn’t Tainted is a Woman’s Process of Thinking When Processing The World and Social Interaction.
  • Every Aura Starts Fresh and New. No Aura Carries Generational Curses.
  • Never Build The Power of Your Aura on a False Name, Jewels, Expensive Clothing, Cars, Guns or Any Other Element which can be Separated from You. Once It is Separated, Your Power Will Decrease, Slowly but Surely.
  • If The Aura is Too Large It Will become A Dimension.
  • Drugs Can Damage Your Aura.
  • Horror Movies Put Vampiric Worms on Your Aura.


The Ethereal Law by THE GOD 720

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  • ISBN-10: 1943820090
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943820092

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The Ethereal Law is one of the only books of our time that explains the invisible elements that control human interaction. The Ethereal Law is the philosophy that identifies many things that are needed to be known in our modern day society because unknowingly we are effected by them. This book is a mixture of written and unwritten social laws that humans have operated by for over a millennia of time. The everyday hustle and bustle, inclusive with technology has made mankind forget these rules. These rules enforce common courtesy of one another with respect. This respect comes from understanding the extremes of reality, that is both life and death, love and hate in which is The Ethereal Law.

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Sputnik International: Scientists SOLVE Mystery of Yellow Glass Found in Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s Tomb.

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