POPSUGAR: 6 Strange Things That Can Make Your Vagina Smell – and What to Do About It

This little girl was in my face all the time causing problems. She had a big ass and I wanted to sniff on it. My mom was telling me the girl was built too thick and had been getting dicked down (molested). I started to see the same thing at my school. The girls would be all dressed up in expensive clothes and shoes that was past the norm. I’d talk to these girls all the time. They’d tell me what was the point of talking to these high school niggas with no money, no provisions. Ah ha! Eureka! The woman’s senses of survival are open far ahead of the males in the America dimension. Why? Because somebody has been playing in the young girls pussy. She found out what the pussy does. How much power it really has. In all reality she didn’t even know she had a pussy until some boy comes sticking his hand in her crotch. A woman’s sense of smell is 10 times stronger than a man’s. Momma can smell her daughter’s hot pussy prancing in the house from the park. She tells her “you get pregnant your outta here”, “don’t let them boys play all in yo ass.” The wise woman teaches her daughter how to identify the man of power and intelligence and to stick with him. She teaches the little girl to revere her pussy with high value and in turn she wont go out fucking dope dealers and garbage men. So basically at the school the girls had Sugar Daddies (another scenario stemming from slavery). These niggas would come pick them up from school in new Cadillac’s and all the extra shit. There were older dope boys that would fuck around with these girls too. Buy them some shoes and get some pussy and head whenever you want. It was easy, the broads were naive, silly and misguided. This is the true Sugar Daddy element that’s been going on in Black culture eons before a rap song and its all based off of child molestation, manipulation and rape.

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POPSUGAR: 6 Strange Things That Can Make Your Vagina Smell – and What to Do About It.

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