People are angry over this safe sex guide, which calls the νagina a ‘front hole’ (I Disagree)

I think socially we’ve done enough destruction to the psyche of women and how their vaginas are represented or how they should feel or go about their vaginas.  I love all women shapes, sizes, colors and ages.  The Battered and The Loved.  A woman’s understanding of existence and how she relates to it sexually is found deep in the realms of the unconscious. Her vagina in which all of the human race comes from is not a front hole. The terminology of “hole” to represent a vagina is both repulsive and highly degrading to our reverence of human existence.  Lets go further with the word “hole” and see how the human mind has already been conditioned to what a “hole” is.  For instance, all humans know that in any modern civilization a “hole” is usually the intaker or outputer of some form of refuse or trash.  This would be sewer (man), sink or toilet hole. Which holds a mystery of not knowing what is going in or may come out of said hole.  The word “asshole” is both derogatory and defaming towards the person it is applied to when used, usually in some form of aggression with an intent of injury.  If we were to go into ancient times.  The tribal mind understood holes as a location animals either lived in or hid food in.  To go to cave man times the hole is the deep areas of the cave that was not journeyed upon.  Cave dwellings and the artifacts found in them are usually at the front of the cave this is not said to remove or combat the few cave drawings which are found deep in the interior of caves.

A woman’s vagina does not have animals going in and out of it nor is a womans a hole used for human refuse.  A woman’s vagina is her soul and mind.  To reduce the social and medical classification of a woman’s vagina is to also create witches and very confused angry women.  Why? Because all women submit to the modern day medical whether they know how their vaginas are classified or not.  Women have always been reliable beings needing to rely on someone and needing to be relied upon for their existence.  Women are saught for joy by both man and child.  Her vagina creates this joy for man and in return the man makes sure she is preserved as well as the children shes birthed. Classifying a woman’s vagina as a front hole reduces its essence for all of women regardless of social status or financial ranking.  This reduction will encourage men to look at women exclusively as sexual objects only.  As the terminology of “front hole” may be accepted by all because of our social influx of porn which can be blamed as the catalyst of the “front hole” terminology we have today.

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