NPR: Alabama May See A Large Number Of Yellow Jacket “Super Nests” This Year

Another rule is to never eat without each other. Always have the same diets, especially the same liquids, water, etc. At the time I didn’t have any specification on our beverages. As soon as I started talking to her I put her thru the food test. Any woman who responds with “I just gots to have my…….” In reference to food, TV, music, or any other accessory is a dumbass highly addicted and need to be left to her own misery. As I went thru the Bible, I saw that it clearly states in Leviticus not to eat of any animal that has a hoof. Cows & Pigs have hoofs. So this shit was cut out of my diet and I could not be with any woman who ate of these meats this includes all forms of seafood. At the time I was eating beef. Fish is not seafood. Seafood is composed of animals that live in salt water, crustaceans, and are part of the roach and arachnid family which are spiders. Basically shrimp, crab, lobster and the like are insects of the ocean floor that eat the carcasses and feces of other animals. They are unclean things and not to be digested.

She agreed because she saw I knew what I was talking about. Everything was explained, aligned with common sense, logic and reasoning. Same reason on why she decided to smoke with me. When she used to say she couldn’t be with anybody who smoked weed. She used to watch these Georgia boys put 2 dollars on a nickel bag. When she was on the phone with me. I’d be smoking with my mom in the comfort of my home. Discussing what’s on the national geographic or philosophing about something. At her house her mother was feeding them taco bell and fast food every night. There was no mental massaging going on. There was no enforcement to read. No enforcing of betterment. She didn’t have a support structure that assisted her in her own development in her family. She thought one of the reasons her family acted like that towards her was because she was the darkest girl in her family. This wasn’t the only reason but her mom would hold her back from certain things because her grandmother treated her mother different from her half brothers and sisters growing up. At the same time this is a deep rooted southern slave mentality that you can find in the Negro all across America. The mentality of being in fear of progression or growth. The fear of the unknown and its unpredictablity.

All of these things made me be sympathetic. I felt sorry about her being raised in these type conditions. At the same time I felt like and she looked at me as a life guide because I was experienced in so many things. I’m thinking I’ve done enough it’s time to lock up and settle down. Why, was I thinking like that? I don’t know I was only 21. I had my whole life ahead of me and I’m thinking about getting wifed up. This is definitely the wrong move. At this time period in a man’s life a wife should be the last thing on his mind. The first thing that should be on his mind is his future money and that’s it. Not helping grandma, or raising your little brother, or making sure the dog gets walked. You must leave the old world and start a new world. You do that with a woman and that’s only if you’ve had a proper amount of experience with women. Hands down a man is going to need a woman like a woman is going to need a man. It’s only natural. The timing in which it occurs for you is different than the next. In all reality, were mammals and mammals are polygamous in nature. So monogamy is not a construct that is fitting for humans.

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NPR: Alabama May See A Large Number Of Yellow Jacket “Super Nests” This Year.

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