1,600-pound white shark spotted off Florida coast: report The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720

Our Sun’s rotation around the galactic center is a cycle that takes 225 million years to complete. Setting a beginning point for this huge cycle is arbitrary, but in relation to events on Earth, it is interesting to note that 225 million years ago was the dawn of the Age of Dinosaurs or the Triassic Period of the Mesozoic Era. 450 million years ago marked the Paleozoic Era when plants mysteriously decided to move from the sea onto the land, and 675 million years ago was the start of the Pre-Cambrian Era which saw shellfish and Trilobites suddenly form themselves from one-celled animals. Nobody really knows what prompted these changes in the evolutionary path of life on this planet, and it stretches the imagination to conjecture what changes will be remembered 225 million years from now. However, it can be assumed that this will parallel the enormity of the emergence of dinosaurs. It is truly exciting to be here at this time.

The energy from the Photon Belt serves to further the Earth’s ascension process as well as our own. There has been an additional influx of energy of late, coming as a tremendous burst of magnetic, X-ray and gamma ray radiation. During the early morning hours of August 27, 1998, a star named SGR 1900+14, some 20,000 light-years away sent a 5-minute burst of energy that was felt by Earth to be every bit as strong as that of the Sun. An entity named Kryon, who is channeled through Lee Carroll, has said that we will be seeing bursts like this, the bursts being the signature of the arrival of, what he calls, “Master Guides”. This was the 5th such burst of energy recorded since the first was seen in 1983 and was by far the largest. The energy released by the magnetar in one five-minute burst, said Kevin Hurley of the University of California-Berkeley, was roughly equal to the amount of energy Earth’s Sun will put out in the next 300 years.

The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720
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