Newsweek: Florida Inmates Use Clothes Hanger to Break into SUV to Rescue Trapped Baby: ‘Thank God for the Criminals in the World’ The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720 for $25.00

This nigga blatantly disrespected Steam, me, the family. So we tricked this nigga up and got him to come to the Steams house, Ebony was there. Steam had one of his cousins follow us. We hopped in the car like shit was all good. We were going out to the country on this nigga. Soon as we got outta town. I pulled my 9 out and cocked it. I had it pointed at this nigga the whole time. Talking to him, fucking his head up, not letting him hit the blunt. Leaving his consequence to mystery, a little mental torment. We go at least 3 hours from town. We get out the truck on some dirt country road out in the bum fuck somewhere. We beat this niggas ass, pistol whip him, all types of shit. The nigga Steam popped and broke the .45 1911 WWII edition I sold him when he hit him with it. Our dumbasses didn’t know the value of these guns. Found out later that gun was an antique worth big money.

We find out a month later. Somebody found him on a dirt road and that police came and got his ass. He sat in the hospital for a while and the county police opened an investigation. I wasn’t worried about it, he didn’t know my name, and nobody did but Ebony and Steam. See when you on the streets this is how you narrow who snitched on you by who knows what. You got to compartmentalize everything. They ran his name and found out the nigga was actually a fugitive from a prison break years ago. So they sent his ass back to New Jersey to serve the rest of his time and some. Police will help you out until they find out you were or are a criminal. Humans have this illusion of every man and woman walking and being of a divine path which is impossible. We never seen or heard of that nigga again.

So I start going to AIU, this school in Buckhead downtown Atlanta. I was supposedly going there for beat making or producing. That DeVry shit just wasn’t me. If I was gonna go to school, have a career, I needed to do something I loved and was skilled enough in to be successful on my own. Just because you love something does not mean that’s what you are designed for and that you will be successful in it. I wasn’t the only one it was a bunch of Negros up there talking about beat making. The professional title that we were going to the school for was Audio Engineer. Which was not popularized in the colleges for the music industry because people float around get jobs here and there in the industry. We were all in a faze where Hip Hop was getting serious and professional. These were the figuring out years. Some schools started opening up focusing on nothing but music production instead of music being in a media/entertainment classes in universities. Some of these schools were just set up to get a fat payout on minority’s credit. They were doing this by financial loans they knew we weren’t going to pay. It’s all a big hustle everything is about the money.

The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720
@Amazon: for $25.00
The RAWDOG Edition 440 pgs 64 pix
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The Black Mans Bible Has Been VALUED AT $2,500.00 by Amazon

This is the first book of it’s kind. The Black Man’s Bible details a young black males struggles with the world, religions, drugs, crime, money and sex. Throughout his life he studies advanced scholarly material which changes his view of the world over and over again as he matures. He battles health issues after he goes through a traumatic experience with the delivery of his first child. So he delivered his second son at home. The video of the home delivery can be seen at In the book he details how he finds himself in history repeatedly in different times periods. He also gives vivid descriptions of his experiences with Love and Women. Then, after becoming an online Entrepreneur, he travels to Germany and China for free. He has struggles with finding a career and ends up becoming an Author. He covers many subjects that are not popular to the modern day world. He has compiled a multitude of experiences that are dissected through the abstract different types of black males. THIS IS THE BOOK OF THE CENTURY. THE TRUE GUIDE FOR BLACK MALES LOST IN THE WESTERN WORLD.

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Newsweek: Florida Inmates Use Clothes Hanger to Break into SUV to Rescue Trapped Baby: ‘Thank God for the Criminals in the World’.

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