Fox News: Nero’s opulent, newly restored Domus Transitoria reopens The Ethereal Law by THE GOD 720 Now Available on Amazon

  • Death Does Not Care Nor Can He Change Your Plight.
  • Deaths Understanding is Only for Your Comfort, To Make The Job Easier.
  • Death Moves as a Black Gas, Mercury, Fire and Water.
  • Death is Black but Not The Same Black as Coagula.
  • Death Sustains The Same Stresses as The Devil.
  • Death Wears a Sheet, The Same Sheet You were Wrapped in as an Infant in which You Will Be Wrapped in a Sheet as you Corrode.
  • All Humans are Metaphysical Cannibals that Eat off of The Dead.
  • Example: All Christians Worship Jesus in Death Status More So than His Living Status. The Practice of Communion States that Jesus’s Flesh is Bread and His Blood is Wine and Both are Consumed as Ritual.
  • Example: Whenever Someone of Fame Dies. They are Worshipped by The Public. The Persons Estate Usually goes thru Legal Battles for The Purpose of Consuming The Dead’s Possessions.
  • It Takes Anywhere from 1000-3000 Degrees to Incinerate The Flesh Off of The Bones, The Bones Will Crumble.
  • Death Does Not Discriminate.
  • You Cause Your Own Death.
  • Death cannot Be Beat or Dodged.
  • There is No Life without Death.
  • Anything that Does Not Move is Dead.
  • The Lack of Growth is a Sign of Death.
  • Death is The Composite of All Human Experiences throughout Time that is Represented in Human Form.
  • Death Does Collect The Sols of Animals.
  • Every Death Adjusts Human Experience.
  • Everything Will Decompose.

The Ethereal Law by THE GOD 720


  • ISBN-10: 1943820090
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943820092

Ebook Now Available on Amazon
The Ethereal Law is one of the only books of our time that explains the invisible elements that control human interaction. The Ethereal Law is the philosophy that identifies many things that are needed to be known in our modern day society because unknowingly we are effected by them. This book is a mixture of written and unwritten social laws that humans have operated by for over a millennia of time. The everyday hustle and bustle, inclusive with technology has made mankind forget these rules. These rules enforce common courtesy of one another with respect. This respect comes from understanding the extremes of reality, that is both life and death, love and hate in which is The Ethereal Law.

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Fox News: Nero’s opulent, newly restored Domus Transitoria reopens.

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