Common Dreams: Studies Show Ice Melting and Ocean Warming Both Happening Much Faster Than Previously Thought

There was much talk at the time about the weather as well. Our Earth spins at a tilt sort of like a wobble on an axis. Supposedly our north pole is getting closer to the sun and this is causing global warming inclusive with menthane gas levels fucking up the spheric zones. This leaning towards the sun is melting all of our ice caps, ice bergs, and all of the northpole. This is bad, very bad for all of the eastcoast of America and Canada as we sit directly underneath the northpole. All of that melting ice will come down Canada and seap thru Michigan which is dubbed the state of 10,000 lakes. It will come down the St. Lawernce river, directly into the Great Lakes which sits over Chicago and all of the Midwest.

Little does the average American know or realize because everybody isnt born with the natural inclination for war and the strategies of battle. Being a Leo, I am. People must understand that the entire eastcoast is connected by bridges. Bridges are key during battle or any form of hardcorde survival. During this time Americans were frightened at the words martial law as we all witnessed the terrors of the hurricane Katrina event. If martial law was to occur and you got the coast guard marching your cities, bridges will be focal points and so will high points, tops of building etc. Snipers will be deployed and there will be vigilante groups that stay in the woods with dogs. These crackers aren’t fools and thru money everybody is a potential allie or an immediate write off.

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Common Dreams: Studies Show Ice Melting and Ocean Warming Both Happening Much Faster Than Previously Thought.

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