CBS News: Oil spill still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico 15 years later The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720

Low and behold 5 months later the largest oil spill the world had ever seen occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. I mean this here was a doosey my friend. These fucking assholes got a big oil rig out in the middle of the ocean. The shit blew up and now there’s tons of oil dumping into the ocean from the ocean floor. You can’t clean the oil out of the ocean water for one. For 2, its killing all the fish and sea life. Not only all of that but they couldn’t cap the hole for up to 3 months. It was just fucking ridiculous. Here I saw many elements that were connected to the process of the prophecy I’ve explained and so did my fans/students. We were all frantic.

You see I studied this whole oil spill thing. I found out some important stuff. The first thing I found out was that 40% of the oil will be evaporating into the air from the ocean. The second thing I found out was that oil is a DNA recombinator so basically it will combine to your DNA and switch everything around. So basically you’ll be a zombie. Thirdly, the earth will be feeling and seeing the results of this mistake for generations or was it intentional? This is the Aquarian age and the Aquarius symbol is a sign of water. Getting rid of and cleansing by water. It’s also a sign of homosexuality. Which can mean hermaphroditism, transvestitism, masculinizing of women and the feminizing of men. There will also be more cases of abnormal genitalia at birth.

I state some Aquarian age details to set the stage for other things that were going on at that time and more that are to come in the future. One of those things was a pandemic that was going on at that time. It was called the H1N1 or (swine-flu). Yes it was a disease that came directly out of some stank ass pigs. They tried to hide the source by calling it the H1N1 instead of stating the shit was from a pig’s ass. Another case of good ole government taking care of their brother. It was our first worldwide pandemic in 40 years. Everybody ate that nasty ass pig. There was no way to get around it damn near. 17,000 people died from the shit. This was another ingredient for the zombie soup that could be created out of a human.

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CBS News: Oil spill still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico 15 years later.

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