CBS News: Last surviving leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime get life sentences

I was sold on the facts behind the human origin stories relative with the star system Draco. Supposedly the Draconians are Reptilian alien warriors who are the most superior and feared amongst all the galaxies. The Draconians captured dinosaurs and women and brought them here to this planet in different times. They transplanted beings from galaxy to galaxy for scientific reasons. They came to this planet and laid foundation as well. During this foundation a specific class of these Reptilians who were called NAGAs were the scientists. Designed the first human beings of this planet. These human beings are termed as the third root race and are of a Negroid type. They lived in Lemuria before migrating to the Americas after a very large ancient war that had technology way far greater then ours of today. I had done so much research on all the connections in this subject I was sold on it. The largest holy temple on the planet is in Angkor, Watts. This land which can be seen in The Jungle Book is directly aligned with the star system Draco. Just like Egypt/Kemet is aligned with Orion and Sirius. All ancient civilizations have a galactical alignment. Even ours of today does.

Not only this, but the big voice comes in my head and tells me my first Incarnation is Kemetan but I will find him in Greece. I said huh? They said start with Draco, for you are Draconian. I’m like ok, so I start searching for Draco in Greece, it was a simple find, I found it in Draconian Law. Draconian Law is the most extreme law ever introduced on the planet. It is a form of Law that has the same consequence for every crime broken. That consequence was Death without trial. This Law was introduced by Draco during the 7th century B.C. Because of the misinterpretation of the current laws and manipulation of oral tradition. Draco Law is the first documented law of the western world during the establishing of Athens, Greece. Who established it? The same guy who I’m Incarnated with: CeCrops, the original name of Athens is CeCropia which was enunciated as Acropilis.

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CBS News: Last surviving leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime get life sentences.

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