Beyoncé Accused of ‘Extreme Witchcraft’ Harassment by Former Drummer

This discord has allowed the majority of the Negro race to fall into insanity. There is no organization founded and sustained by the Negro that does not include some Caucasian if not by business input then by financial control. I state this to bring to the fore front that America is based off of Greek, Roman, and Old European culture which in essence is hell, in so many ways. In which the Blacks race first language is English and we are not English people. During slavery there was alot of sex because of the human engineering that was going on and also the white male dominance factor. This also includes a buffer zone for white people to master their sexual understanding. In Old Europe they burned and hung women claiming that they were witches from 1450 -1750, thats 300 years. Alot of torture devices were used on women while they were being interrogated for being a witch, a gossiper, a heretic or other nonsense reasons. These devices went so far as to ripping the breasts off of women or frying their ovaries and fullopian tubes with red hot metal. There were other devices such as a chastity belt that was designed to literally lock up the pussy. This device was made of medal iron and was worn rusted or not. I tell you the many things that I do in this chapter so you may see the sol position of PIMPING and hoeing.

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