Ali’s ancestry traced back to revered slave | News | The Journal Gazette

She was down for it and we did it. It was remarkable the out of place bullshit a religion could have you doing. I hate talking about this because the only people on the planet that have this video is YouTube. Religious fanatics praise the air, while getting no results. While at the same time putting your life in harm’s way because of decisions that could have been made off of a lack of knowledge or intentional. All religions break your common sense, logic, and reasoning away from your thinking structure and once that is done your basically a retard, completely useless to other humans but usefull for corporations. She chose THE GOD 720 over Allah in front of the world and she did it coming from the first and oldest sect that worshipped PBUH Muhammad and Allah. I put the video up on YouTube and the nigger went insane. I did this shit intentionally to test the mental stability of these NOI Islamic clowns. You see Orthodox Islam despises this carbon copy Negro version called the NOI. It isn’t recognized or respected internationally and there are several valid reasons on why. All religion is stupid and a waste of time.

When I put the video up, niggas lost it. They were saying they were gonna cut the hoes head off. Here’s the thing, they only went at her, they didn’t come at me. These peeon niggas just got all types of disrespectful for no reason. All because she chose a real nigga over an invisible God. I clothed her, fed her, bathed her, and healed her. The fucking NOI or religions in general just beat people into thinking stupid. Let this be a lesson to you, the only thing women are going to voluntarily submit to will be good dick and good reality or deep illusions and different forms of abuse. There is no God and she learned that. She also learned that submitting to a God will implement high levels of insanity in your psyche and psychological issues are serious. My nigga C called me up hysterical. The video was off the chain because of the questions I was asking her and the ass backwards answers that she was giving about the rules of Islam. It was crazy shit like they could only wear Black and they had to have Black over their faces whenever they left the house. You wanna talk about some traumatized pussy, here you go. People don’t really see how much they hurt themselves and hurt others with this type of shit.

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