ABC News: Severe weather threatens 50 million from Wisconsin to Georgia The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720

Niggers aren’t ready for these type of conditions or similar conditions such as the pandemonium that can occur from a drastic natural disaster. So The northpole is a melting and its going to flood the coast line. From the Mississippi river going east to the ocean is where 85% of all the nations nuclear power plants are located. This is where my prophecy of the toxic avengers has potential physical evidence. When I spoke of it at first, I felt like a fool. I felt I didn’t know what I was talking about. I felt like it wasn’t me talking. I also spoke of zombies showing up on the planet. I didn’t know how the zombies were going to show up yet but I talked about them. I went in with more detail about the toxic avengers because this was exclusively an Eastcoast issue.

I did research on these power plants and it was astounding what I found out. I found that these power plants were built in the 1950s. When they were built they didn’t know what to do with the toxic waste that’s leftover once the plutonium and all the other ingredients that are filtered after production and accumulate as toxic waste. So they made a pact to store the toxic waste where it was created. It is too dangerous to transport the toxic waste in fear of accidents and spills, this includes train travelling. It takes Thousands of years for the natural environment to clean up nuclear power toxic waste. At the same time nature and the living sol can amalgamate and adapt to any environment. The combination can morph with and into any form of atmosphere, given time. Each one of these power plants has literally tons and tons of toxic waste stored in the basements. Due to the processing of the chemicals, these plants are located on river banks by majority rule. There are others that are inland. Regardless they are all filled with tons of waste collectively its 50,000 mega tons spread out throughout America.

Whats interesting is a chemical that is found in the toxic waste. This chemical is called Depleted Uranium. Depleted Uranium can deform a human embryo beyond rcognition. It relocates limbs, creates Siamese babies, and completely retards the human anatomy and its functions. This chemical can travel up to 4000 miles being airborne. There are pictures of its effects on humans that come from the Iraq war. During the war the military mandated that they filled all the tips of the bullets with depleted uranium instead of led. This poisoned, deformed, and killed many people. So when the flooding occurs in America, this depleted uranium will be in the water.

The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720
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ABC News: Severe weather threatens 50 million from Wisconsin to Georgia.

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