ABC News: River flooding continues in Midwest with more rain heading toward region The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720 (In Color) for $72.00

Now I must be brief here, to recap what else happened this year pertaining to the Prophecy. Its 2012, the first major situation was right when the New Year came in. There were animals dying by the thousands and I mean hundreds of thousands. There were birds falling out of the sky, fish washing up on the coast, including dolphins, whales, squids, and jellyfish. Deer’s, bears, elks, moose, were also all found to have died by the thousands and all at once. Nobody knew what the hell was going on or how to explain it so They would air a small clip about it on the news and never talk about it again. The homo marriage was passed. The robot world is growing at an exponential rate. They’ve built robots like the Big Dog and the Atlas which is literally a terminator standing at 8 feet tall. They’re enforcing vaccinations damn near at punishment level. While all of this is going on, everybody is frantic about what the Mayans said and nobody knows what to do. The North Pole is melting faster than anyone expected. Chunks of ice, the size of the state of New York are melting in the ocean and this will flood all the coasts in. The Hurricanes and Typhoons are becoming more violent year by year and so is the winter weather which adds more water. Its not just that, you also have the chemtrails these planes are spraying, Blacking out the sky and sun, specifically on the East coast. They’re trying to make the world a Gotham City. Personally, I don’t know if it’s the beginning of life for me or the end. Why? Because I’m on the same earth you’re on and nobody knows its expiration date or if it has one at all.

My nigga HQ hit me up to talk about the Zombie shit. He’s living out there in Indiana, which could turn into zombie haven overnight. I say that because of the low income areas. Indiana is the state with the most KKK members. So the overall health/love vibration of that state is not good. He tells me he gotta hoe for a nigga. He had put this girl on to my videos about the zombie shit. She wanted to talk to me and get the hell out of Indiana. Her name was Ariel. She was on benefits and all this shit, she had a daughter. I didn’t want this lil girl around my house. My boys needed someone to play with for a while. My kids had never been to a day care. I didn’t believe in that shit. It’s a lack of responsibility. Too much shit goes on at those day cares that ends up on the news or a child dead. I wasn’t going to be participating in neither. So the hoe sent me $1200 through the internet just to get in the picture. This was the dowry and I did that with every bitch, they break bread just to get in.

The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720 (In Color)
@Amazon: for $72.00
The RAWDOG Edition 440 pgs 64 pix
Signed w/ The Mon$ter Sndtrck (2 Disc)

ISBN-13: 978-1793145352

ISBN-10: 1793145350


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The Black Mans Bible Has Been VALUED AT $2,500.00 by Amazon

This is the first book of it’s kind. The Black Man’s Bible details a young black males struggles with the world, religions, drugs, crime, money and sex. Throughout his life he studies advanced scholarly material which changes his view of the world over and over again as he matures. He battles health issues after he goes through a traumatic experience with the delivery of his first child. So he delivered his second son at home. The video of the home delivery can be seen at In the book he details how he finds himself in history repeatedly in different times periods. He also gives vivid descriptions of his experiences with Love and Women. Then, after becoming an online Entrepreneur, he travels to Germany and China for free. He has struggles with finding a career and ends up becoming an Author. He covers many subjects that are not popular to the modern day world. He has compiled a multitude of experiences that are dissected through the abstract different types of black males. THIS IS THE BOOK OF THE CENTURY. THE TRUE GUIDE FOR BLACK MALES LOST IN THE WESTERN WORLD.

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ABC News: River flooding continues in Midwest with more rain heading toward region.

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