62 Ole Miss professors advise journalism school be renamed after ex-slave turn reporter Ida B. Wells | FOX13

This is one of the many elements that they use to help enforce the Black man into prison, insanity or Death. Our biology has been adjusted to the natural essence of the Earth for eons. This industrial/Iron age that were in only really started killing everything during the 1900s. Even though, the Death cycle for the earth began around 1500. This is why I must write this book now. They want us removed from the planet especially my breed. There are more Black men in the penitentiary now then there was in slavery in 1856. We collectively have no power, not even in politics or business, regardless of a Presidential status. We have no nationality or militia, inclusive with a whole list of other things that are absent. The Negro has jig-a-booed and danced his happy ass off for the past couple hundred years and getting his back cracked on by the whip when he wasn’t off drunk somewhere. Anybody would want to disappear from that hell. We try to escape the current one with any fancy drug of your choice. It’s all the same shit different method or form. If you haven’t come to the conclusion that as a Black man in this land you must be armed physically and/or mentally at all times. Thats whether illegal or legit then you my friend are not a thinker. Nor do you know your history or the nations and in order for your Black ass to survive in this land you must be an overt thinker and know these things.

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