15-Month-Old Girl Was Starved to Death by Dad Connected to Black Supremacist Cult – The Nuwaupian Moors

While at this job, of course I’m steadily reading. I was chilling with these Bloods & Crips from Cali that was out there. This conscious nigga Labriyah, who was from the Malachi York train of thought. He called himself Thutmoses (this is the person that Moses is portraying in the bible). Thutmoses were a lineage of Pharoahs in Egypt. York’s school of thought was all relative to Egypt as all religions and many other things have its origins there. He was a country nigga from Alabama. He bragged about how his momma was a crackhead and how he grew up in orphanages and bootcamp schools. He lived down the street from me and we both loved smoking weed. Our situations were similar with our girls. His wife was African. I took the oath never to marry a broad and he was married. They had kids we had none. I had ordered the original Malcolm X lectures from a guy in Canada. Look at that. We would listen to them and smoke out. I devised a plan we should grow some weed and sell it.


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